Herbs for the Glandular System

This was the free introduction to Module Six of our Advanced Herbal Training Program, which covered Herbs for the Glandular System.  In this introduction, we talk about how hormones work and how herbs and supplements can be used to support the glandular system.  We discuss the pituitary and hypothalamus and do three herb profiles on plants that affect these glands—yarrow, chocolate (cacoa) and alfalfa.

The links to the handouts can be located below under the heading "Attachments."

Click here to view the webinar (right click to download)


Comments (18)

Said this on 1/2/2012 At 09:44 pm

The page says the handouts are not there.

Said this on 1/3/2012 At 11:50 am

They are still not working. Three time's the charm they say. :) 


Said this on 1/3/2012 At 07:39 am

I was not able to download the handouts....  I received the following message:

"The page you've requested no longer exists or could not be found. Please try some of the suggestions below:"

Said this on 1/3/2012 At 07:54 am


 i can't down load the webinare on Gladulare system could u help


Sandra Wright
Said this on 1/3/2012 At 08:17 am

Steven, Thank You so much for sharing your information with us. It is truly kind and generous of you to do so.

Is there any other way to down load the hand outs? It says to Right Click, but that gives me no option to bring them up or to print them.

Thank YOU

Said this on 1/3/2012 At 09:28 am

I am unable to retrieve the handouts. I receive a statement that the page is no longer available.

Thank you

Neda Herman
Said this on 1/3/2012 At 09:53 am

I wanted to copy the handouts for this week's class, followed instructions by R clicking - tried clicking each thing listed in the drop down window but with no success.  Thanks, Neda

Steven Horne
Said this on 1/3/2012 At 11:43 am

Opps, don't know what corrupted the links, but they are fixed and should work now.

Said this on 1/3/2012 At 01:00 pm

I've successfully printed the handouts, but am unable to read most of the text on the following  slides: #2.The Control System, #3.#4.#5.The Endocrine System, #7.Receptor Sites, #9.The Brain, #29.Pituitary The Master Gland. When I make the images larger, the text blurs completely. Do you have a PDF copy of these slides showing only one per page? Would love to have that info! Thank you so very much. Am looking forward to the webinar tonight.

Steven Horne
Said this on 1/3/2012 At 11:06 pm
I made larger versions of pages 3-4-5 which I posted as handouts so this part can be read better.
Said this on 1/5/2012 At 11:33 pm

I cannot read those handouts either. I can read the 3 color ones that were redone but not the others that Debi mentions here.


Said this on 1/3/2012 At 01:10 pm

Hi thank you yes now i got it and down loaded the system i will study and listen to your webinare also very interesting  Like to know more thanks again 


Said this on 1/3/2012 At 03:20 pm

Progress in the download....it now opens Adobe Reader, but then says there is no file.


Said this on 1/3/2012 At 08:25 pm

Hi Steven,   I downloaded the handout just fine but have tried repeatedly to access the webinar to no avail.  Will try and get it later when it is posted.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn the info. even when we don't get into the webinar at the assigned time.

Said this on 1/5/2012 At 08:26 am

Thank you so much for sharing!  I was also able to attend the webinar and found it very informative.  The downloads are all very much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Val :)

Said this on 9/13/2012 At 03:40 pm
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Said this on 9/13/2012 At 03:40 pm
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