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Heavy Metal Health Hazards

Protecting you health from the hazards of heavy metals in today's society is important. This article discusses the problem of heavy metals and offers suggestions for avoiding them. It also provides suggestions for a heavy metal detoxification program.

Don't Catch a Cold, Catch Good Health

Ever since Louis Pasteur advanced the germ theory of disease, people have been killing microbes in an effort to avoid contracting infection. Cleanliness and sanitation are important, but people seem to forget that the body is designed to be naturally resistant to infection.  As a result, people spend more time and effort killing microbes than they do trying to “catch” health by keeping their immune system strong.  Learn how herbs and good nutrition can keep your immune system strong and help you avoid illness during the winter months.

Beauty — A High Standard

To anyone who has suffered humiliation, ridicule or social rejection because of a physical health problem (acne, hair loss, excess weight, etc.) the idea that beauty could be a standard for judging anything will probably strike a sensitive spot. But there is a place for beauty in our lives and beauty is a standard I discuss in this article on  three different levels—physical health, character or personality, and our relationship to nature and the Divine.

Singing the Health Food Store Blues in 2016

This article is an update of one I wrote in 2007 about the changes I've seen in the health food industry during the past 40 years. In it, I stress the importance of reading labels and understanding that the words "organic" and "natural" don't necessarily mean that the food is healthy.

The Six Tissue States

The biological terrain is the internal environment of the body and is the common demonimator in the entire disease process. Understanding biological terrain is key to understanding the basic actions of herbs and how to select effective remedies. This article introduces the six tissue states and corresponding basic actions of herbs.

The Disease Tree: A Holistic Model of Disease

The Disease Tree™ is one thing that sets the School of Modern Herbal Medicine apart from other training programs. This comprehensive framework helps a person understand where disease comes from and how to approach it from a holistic perspective rather than a symptom-treatment perspective. It also gives structure to everything a person learns about disease, health, the body, remedies, and assessment techniques.


Have you ever noticed that little children and sick animals tend to shun food when they are sick?  There is a reason for this. Fasting or avoiding food for a period of time is actually a powerful aid to healing, not only from acute disease, but from chronic illness as well. The famous saying of Hippocrates, "Feed a cold, starve a fever," actually means "If you feed a cold, you will wind up having to starve a fever." This article, extracted from a chapter of my book, Coming Clean, explains the many benefits of fasting.

War in the Natural Health World

There is a silent war being waged in the natural health world. The battle is between those who are genuinely interested in helping people to improve their health and those who are just pushing products without good science or even a historical tradition of use. Just because a company's marketing tells you a product is safe and effective doesn't make it so. This article tells you how to tell the difference between legitimate natural health products and services and those that are actually harmful.

Breathe Your Way to Better Physical and Emotional Health

Over the years I have observed that nearly all chroncially ill people are shallow breathers. I've also observed that different emotional problems create corresponding imbalances in one's breathing.  In this article, I discuss why breathing is so important to physical and emotional health. I also share breathing exercises you can use to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Asking the Wrong Question Won't Get You the Right Answer

This article explores why modern medicine has failed to come up with reliable remedies for colds and flu.  It presents the idea that if you don't ask the right questions you can't get the right answers. Those of us who are willing to "think outside the box" are often people who ask questions that other people are afraid to ask.

Are You Attracting Health or Disease?

Are You Attracting Health or Disease?
Natural Health Care and The Law of Attraction

Americans spend more money on health care than any other nation on the face of the planet (over 15% of our entire nation’s expenditures). While we comprise only 5% of the world’s population, half of all the drug prescriptions in the world are taken by Americans. A big part of our problem is that we are more focused on disease than we are on health. Changing our focus could go along way to improving our health.

Health: The Best Investment

Most of us spend a great deal of time and energy looking out for our financial well-being. We take out insurance policies to protect ourselves from accidents and unforeseen difficulties. We may save or invest for a “rainy day” or start a retirement account to provide for our needs in old age. Unfortunately, many people fail to invest in their most important asset—their own health and well-being.

Health insurance really ought to be called disease insurance because it is really designed to provide for disease treatment when you get sick. Investing in your health, on the other hand, means investing in things that help you stay healthy in the first place. This article gives you some "investment tips" for genuine health insurance.