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Free Webinar Recordings

woman-watching-webinar.gifFrom time to time we offer free webinars like those listed below. To be notified of upcoming webinars and educational opportunities, be sure to join our mailing list.

Energetic Aromatherapy for Body, Mind and Spirit

This is a free webinar on using essential oils for both physical and emotional healing. It covers our energetic model of fragrances, how to use essential oils safely and effectively and practical uses for essential oils for health and home. 

The Herbs of Christmas

  • YouTube Video
  • December 12, 2016

This is a webinar Steven Horne and Thomas Easley did a few years ago on herbs associated with Christmas. Besides talking about the frankincense and myrrh given to the Christ child, they cover the uses of other herbs associated with the holiday like mistletoe, holly, ivy and  pine and well as the spices vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate.

Vaccines and the Immune System

This is a free webinar where I discuss the controversial issue of mandatory vaccination and why I believe vaccination should be voluntary. More importantly, I discuss how the immune system works and offer practical suggestions on how to enhance your immune function and reduce the risks of side effects if you do chose to get vaccinated (or are forced to receive vaccinations).

Introducing Block Therapy and Fluid Isometrics

This is a free webinar about Deana Hansen's techniques for resculpting your body, reducing pain and improving your health. If you have weight problems, suffer from pain in the back, neck or other body parts and would like to look and feel younger, this webinar has some important information that can help you to achieve these goals.

Now is the Time to Get Prepared

If you're looking at what's happening in our country and around the world right now, you may be feeling a little concerned about where things are headed. In this webinar, Steven Horne will address some of the issues we’re facing and make suggestions about how to prepare for emergencies.

Epigenetics and Traditional Constitution Typing

At one time scientists believed that our intellegence and health were largely determined by our genetics. Based on this, science fiction writers foresaw using genetic engineering to produce healthier and more intelligent offspring. We now know that this simply isn't the case. Our environment, diet and lifestyle choices, and even our thoughts and beliefs influence how our genes express themselves through the epigenome. This free webinar explores this new science of epigenetics and how it relates to the traditional idea of constitution.

12 Categories of Herbs Webinar

In this free webinar, we go through each of the twelve categories of herbs. I explain the identifying characteristics of each category, the basic constituents found in each and the basic effect each category of herbs has on the tissues of the body.

Stop Treating Disease, Start Building Health webinar

My primary mission during the 35 years I've been teaching people about natural healing has been to get people to stop treating disease symptoms and start fixing the root cause(s) of their health problems. Disease is only a effect. You can't treat an effect, you have to find and eliminate the cause. In this webinar, I outline why it is vitally important to stop focusing on curing diseases and start focusing on rebuilding and maintaining health.

Post Disaster Stress Management

This is a webinar I did for the Herbal Medic Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild. In it, I talk about the effects of trauma and how to help people deal with it.

An Introduction to Emotional Anatomy and the Tree of Life

This webinar introduces the system of Emotional Anatomy I've been using for the past 28 years, which is based on Roylon Mortenson's Tree of Life model. The model has served as a valuable assessment tool in emotional healing, but it offers many more insights I think you'll appreciate.  This webinar introduces you to Roylon's amazing work with the Tree of Life.

Compassion: Key to Emotional Health

This is a link to the handouts and recordings for a special webinar I did entitled Compassion: Key to Emotional Health. The webinar is about emotions, empathy and compassion and the nature of emotional wounds.

Why Herbs? Webinar

In this free webinar, Thomas Easley and I will discuss why herbal medicine is still a viable alternative in modern times. We’ll discuss why herbal medicine is good for our bodies, good for our souls, good for society and good for the environment.