Spiritual Foundations of Emotional Healing

This is a three-part webinar where Steven Horne tells the story of how he learned to do emotional healing work, the spiritual lessons he has learned from doing this work and his vision for the future of emotional healing. All of the sessions were recorded and can be viewed below.

Session One: Beginnings

Steven discusses his first emotional healing experience and how he was spiritually guided and motivated to learn to help people heal directly on the emotional level, not the mental or physical level. The webinar had some technical difficulties (the webcam didn't work), so it started off a little rough, but it smooths out as it gets going. There are no hands for this webinar.

Session Two: Spiritual Principles

In this session I review the principles of emotional heaing I learned from my early experiences and expand upon them. I discuss the role of unconditional love as the source of healing for our hearts, speaking of some of my own encounters with this love. I talk about how we discover this love through an inward, not an outward, journey. We must find it at the center of our own being before we can experience it outside of ourselves.


Session Three: My Vision

In this final session, I discuss my experiences working with ritualistic abuse and the process of brainwashing people through fear. I talk about the goal of training healers to help all the souls who have been harmed by this kind of severe abuse.

If you'd like to help me to fulfill my vision of training an "army" of healers capable of helping people recover from all forms of abuse and trauma, sign up for my Certified Emotional Coach Training program. You can also access other resources for learning about emotional healing or find out how to get help yourself by going to the Emotional Healing Programs page for our school. Check out the links below for more information.