Free Training on Emotional Healing

heartbreak.jpgMillions of people in the United States and many more throughout the world are suffering the residual effects of emotional trauma and abuse. Being able to process and release these emotions and the negative, self-limiting belief systems attached to them is what emotional healing is all about.

We want to help as many people as we can to understand the importance of emotional healing, so we've created a variety of free webinars, classes and articles on the subject to help you get started. These programs lay out some of the foundational principles and tools we work with in our training programs.


Free Introductory Classes

A great class to introduce you to this work is Emotional Healing: The Missing Link in Holistic Health Care

Another good introductory class is Compassion: The Key to Emotional Health

To help explain what happens when we suffer abuse and trauma and the natural process for recovering from it, watch the presentation Trauma Recovery or Healing from Trauma.

A more advanced presentation is one Steven did on his system for identifying core emotional issues. It's called An Introduction to Emotional Anatomy and the Tree of Life. This is a powerful concept and is the basis for the Emotional Anatomy course that's part of our Certified Emotional Healing Coach training program.

There is a playlist on our YouTube channel where all of the above programs can be found, along with other presentations by Steven on this topic.

To understand the spiritual principles and the origins of this work watch the three-webinar series Spiritual Foundations of Emotional Healing. This can also be found on a playlist on YouTube.


Complete List of Free Programs

Links to these programs and other information to get you started in Emotional Healing can be found below.

Spiritual Foundations of Emotional Healing

  • YouTube Video
  • December 2, 2016

This is a three-part webinar where Steven Horne tells the story of how he learned to do emotional healing work, the spiritual lessons he has learned from doing this work and his vision for the future of emotional healing.

Post Disaster Stress Management

This is a webinar I did for the Herbal Medic Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild. In it, I talk about the effects of trauma and how to help people deal with it.

An Introduction to Emotional Anatomy and the Tree of Life

This webinar introduces the system of Emotional Anatomy I've been using for the past 28 years, which is based on Roylon Mortenson's Tree of Life model. The model has served as a valuable assessment tool in emotional healing, but it offers many more insights I think you'll appreciate.  This webinar introduces you to Roylon's amazing work with the Tree of Life.

Compassion: Key to Emotional Health

This is a link to the handouts and recordings for a special webinar I did entitled Compassion: Key to Emotional Health. The webinar is about emotions, empathy and compassion and the nature of emotional wounds.

Healing from Trauma

In this free webinar, Steven Horne, RH(AHG) explains the nature of trauma and how we naturally recover from it.  Steven has more than 26 years in doing emotional healing work and has helped hundreds of people heal from their physical, emotional, sexual and endurance trauma. View or listen to this webinar and learn what you can do to help yourself and others to greater mental, emotional, physical and social well-being.

Herbs and Emotional Healing Webinar

Zion Monkeyflower

Working with emotions is an important part of the paradigm of holistic healing.  In this free webinar, conducted for the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), I talk about the link between our emotions and physical health issues and tissue states, how herbs (especially when used in the form of flower essences) can help to heal emotional issues and how to see all emotions, including the so-called negative ones, in a positive light.

Emotional Healing: The Missing Link in Holistic Healing

Emotions are the "blind spot" in our culture and our holistic healing paradigm.  In our culture, thinking is overrated and feeling is underrated, but what's in our hearts has more to do with our well-being than what's in our heads.  This webinar explains why healing our hearts isn't just about positive thinking or nutrition—it's about learning to accept and understand our subjective emotional experience. It's also about learning to allow our heart to become an equal partner with our mind and our body.