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Modern Herbal Medicine is packed with practical information on how to use diet and lifestyle changes, herbal formulas, single herbs and nutritional supplements to correct the root causes of hundreds of common health problems. This unique reference offers helpful information for those trying to solve their own health problems or help friends and loved ones and serves as a practial reference for herbalists or health professionals who are trying to help clients.

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Current Featured Articles

The War in the Natural Health World

There is a silent war being waged in the natural health world. The battle is between those who are genuinely interested in helping people’s health and those who are just pushing products without good science or even a historical tradition of use. Just because a company's marketing tells you a product is safe and effective doesn't make it so. This article tells you how to tell the difference between legitimate natural health products and services and those that are actually harmful.

Adaptogens to the Rescue

Given the pressures of modern life, none of us are immune to stress. Unfortunately, stress can weaken our immune system, cause us to lose sleep, reduce our immune response, lower our sex drive and contribute to numerous other health problems. Fortunately, herbs known as adaptogens can help to moderate the effects of stress so that we can cope better.

Kale Chips

One of the best things we can do for our health is to eat more dark, green leafy vegetables and kale is one of the best. It is a powerhouse of nutrition, loaded with vitamins K, A and C, as well as significant amounts of various B-vitamins. It’s a good source of manganese, copper, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium, too. As well as being loaded with antioxidants, it's also a cruciferous vegetable, which means that it contains compounds like indole-3 carbinol that help the liver break down toxic chemicals; giving it cancer preventing properties.

But how do you get kids to eat vegetables like kale, let alone most adults?  Making kale chips is one way. This healthy snack can replace potato and corn chips and be just as flavorful.

Current Featured Webinars

Why Herbs? Webinar

In this free webinar, Thomas Easley and I will discuss why herbal medicine is still a viable alternative in modern times. We’ll discuss why herbal medicine is good for our bodies, good for our souls, good for society and good for the environment.

Understanding Herbal Formulas

Most herb books are written about single herbs, but well-crafted herbal formulas have some advantages over single herbs. In this special free webinar, Steven Horne and Thomas Easley will discuss strategies for designing herbal formulas and for evaluating existing herbal formulas.