Mary Born

Dr. Mary Born is a Naturopathic doctor specializing in emotional healing. Dr. Born sees clients in her office in Southfield Michigan. Her husband, Bruce, is a chiropractor and works in the same office as does her son Bryan and daughter-in-law Carol who also are chiropractors. Along with helping people on an individual basis, Mary loves to teach others about health. Once a month she does an Herbal Hour based on Steven Horne’s topic for the month. Once a week she authors a healthy news email where she discusses timely topics that can improve health. Dr. Mary loves to teach her grandchildren about herbs and health and to cook fun recipes with them using healthy ingredients.

Content Posted by Mary Born

Thoughts on Real Health Care Reform

According to a United Nations poll, Americans rank 47th in actual health. Think about that... there are Third World countries that enjoy better health than we do. Will federal government involvement and insuring more people really make us healthier? Will our healthcare system improve under this law or worsen?  Here are some thoughts on what is really needed to reform our health care system and ensure better health for the American people.

Here Piggy, Piggy: Thoughts About the Swine Flu

You'd have to be an Ostrich not to know about the hubbub going around about the Swine Flu. I hope by the end of this article to offer a better prospective than the media seem to be presenting.

Turmeric: Holy Powder

When you get done reading this article you will understand why, in India, turmeric is considered Holy Powder! This spice is worth its weight ten times over in gold. And gold is its color.

Kids, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Mercury Toxicity

Did you know that high fructose corn syrup is processed using mercury?  With this refined carbohydrate being added to numerous foods, it's all the more reason to avoid sugary refined foods.  In this article, Mary Born not only introduces us to this nutritional hazard, she also points out the primary reason both children and adults eat so much sugar.  We are starved for sweetness in our lives. 


Suggestions for detoxing from heavy metals can also be found in this insightful and eye-opening article. —Steven Horne


The world has gone crazy for “energy drinks”. But, are they harming or helping you?  In this article Mary Born discusses the problems with energy drinks and more natural alternatives.

Nettle Mettle

Stinging nettle is a great herb for allergies and other health problems.  It's even edible!

Herbal Tooth Whitener

Need to whiten your teeth? Here's a recipe for an effective natural tooth whitener.